North Anson Animal Shelters

1 Shelters
Answered Prayer Acre Animal Rescue
Barron Road
North Anson, ME 04958
Located in Somerset County
Located in Somerset County
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Animal Shelters in North Anson, Maine

View all North Anson, ME animal shelter and rescue organizations in your area. Adopt a pet in need of a permanent loving and caring home today. There are so many animals living in the 1 shelters, rescues, and foster homes in North Anson. Find a furry new friend in North Anson, Maine and give these dogs and cats the love and care they need.

What are the requirements for pet adoption in North Anson, ME?
Each shelter in North Anson has its own application process for adopting a pet. Some shelters require background checks and home checks to make sure the pet is suitable for its adopted family.
What types of pet are typically available for adoption in North Anson, Maine?
Most shelters and rescues in North Anson, Maine have dogs and cats for adoption. The breeds and ages can vary as all sorts of dogs and cats need a loving home.
What are the costs associated with pet adoption at North Anson animal shelters?
The cost can vary for adoption at North Anson, ME shelters. Most North Anson shelters require an adoption fee and payment for the pets shots before you can take your new furry friend home.
How can I volunteer at a local North Anson animal shelter?
North Anson needs volunteers on a regular basis. Contact a local animal shelter in North Anson, Maine directly by phone or email and ask if any volunteers are needed.
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