Located in Lebanon, ME

Black Labrador Retriever / Male

Status: Available

Meet Bandit !

Bandit is a puppy Black Labrador Retriever that needs a loving home. He is a black large dog. Bandit is currently in Lebanon, ME waiting to be adopted. Consider adopting Bandit and give this beautiful dog a home.


More about Bandit

Meet Bandit! He is a very sweet Lab mix who is about 6 months old. He weighs 36 lbs currently.... Learn more about Bandit and adopt today.

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Find all information about Bandit including breed, age, size, along with information about Bandit 's behavior, shots, and any special needs. The shelter, rescue, or current pet owner either includes a phone number or email address to contact them regarding the dog or cat up for adoption. Each will have their own requirments for adopting.

More Information About Bandit

Age Baby
Size Large
Color Black
Breed Black Labrador Retriever
Fur Coat Short
Likes Children Great with Children
Special Needs No
House Trained The pet is not house-trained.
Are Shots Currect? Shots are current.

Bandit Adoption Information

How do I adopt Bandit ?

Bandit is located in Lebanon, ME
(207) 339-3143


e.g. "Miami, FL" or "Miami FL" or "33168"

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